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The news of a cancer diagnosis is devastating, even with effective and available treatments. With the average cost of medical care topping $42,000 in the year you receive a diagnosis, the financial toll is tremendous. Insurance often covers the bulk of those costs, but only for treatments that are well-tested and in common use. When you don’t have the resources to cover those costs, or you’d like to try an experimental treatment, cancer crowdfunding offers a way to connect with friends, family, and your community to get the care you need.

Creating a successful campaign often starts with choosing the right platform to fit your needs. CoCoPay is a patient-oriented free crowdfunding platform that is fast, reliable, and secure. Learn more about these success-driven fundraising ideas on creating a crowdfunding campaign to help you overcome your cancer care journey. 


Types of Cancer Care Expenses You Can Crowdfund For

Even with the help of insurance and co-pay, oftentimes, cancer treatment is not the only financial burden you may have to carry. However with cancer crowdfunding, you can add all of these hidden expenses along with the cost of cancer treatment as part of your overall fundraising goal.

Travel and accommodation:

A patient-first cancer care group like Trialjectory can analyze all relevant treatment options and instantly presents matches for your condition. However, you may need to travel for these specialized care and treatment. While some hospitals or clinics may cover transportation and lodging, many don’t. With cancer crowdfunding, you can add this unexpected cost as part of the funds you want to raise for.

Loss of income:

Cancer treatment is time-consuming and physically taxing, during which you may have to quit your job. When you lose the source of income, many families find themselves scrambling. Cancer fundraising not only helps you raise funds for your care, it can also keep your family’s financial expenses stable.

Symptom management:

CT scans, x-rays, counseling, and symptom management, are all crucial parts to oncology. As part of your cancer treatment journey, these unforeseeable costs are often uncovered. It’s important to account for this out-of-pocket expense as part of your goal.


Additional daily costs of living as a cancer patient includes at-home care, childcare, housekeeping, and more. These hidden costs all play an important role in maintaining your quality of life and shouldn’t be ignored. Cancer crowdfunding allows you to cover all types of cancer care expenses, so you don’t have to make sacrifices just to pay the bills.


What To Put In Your Cancer Crowdfunding Campaign

To get the financial assistance you need, you don’t need to be a professional writer. What you do need is authenticity and a willingness to share your story.

Be transparent and authentic: 

Allow those donating to your campaign to see how their contribution is helping you get better. Whether their support helped you start treatment one day earlier or covered travel costs to let you enroll in a new treatment study, their contribution is a vital part of your continuing care, and you want to communicate the urgency of fast treatment and how much their support helps you.

Describe your cancer care journey:

Take the time to write about your cancer care journey and what it has meant for you and your family. Journaling is a great way to start working through some of the heavy emotions accompanying a serious health condition. Posting some of that with your cancer crowdfunding campaign adds authenticity to your story. One of the major reasons people are hesitant about supporting healthcare-related crowdfunding campaigns is uncertainty about where the money goes and whether the campaign is trustworthy. With personal campaigns, the funds flow to whomever created the campaign, and CoCoPay is vigilant about routing out fraudulent campaigns.

Follow the 4 pillars of successful cancer crowdfunding for personal campaigns:

  1. Tell people what you need and why you’re making the ask
  2. Set a clear financial goal with a timeline and milestones
  3. Reach out and engage with your community into supporting
  4. Write frequent updates about your cancer care journey

CoCoPay offers excellent advice about building a successful cancer crowdfunding campaign, and how to reach your milestones to cover your healthcare expenses. Learn more about CoCoPay’s 4 Pillars of Success to see what tips you can use to better frame your ask. 


How To Start Cancer Crowdfunding On CoCoPay

The easy, intuitive campaign creation process at CoCoPay makes asking for help with medical expenses fast and reliable. You can launch your cancer crowdfunding campaign in minutes by using the 5-step guided campaign creator.

Step 1 – Give a title

Give your campaign a title that inspires giving. To make your campaign stand out with a catchy title, use a personal tone with a call to action like this one:

Step 2 – Add a story

Tell your story and add details about your cancer care journey. Write as little or as much of your story as you want, because you can always add more later. And rest easy, your story will remain private until you launch your campaign. Remember, your family and friends care about you. They want to be part of your community and have a direct impact on your treatment. Sharing your story will allow them to understand your situation and provide them the opportunity to be part of your cancer care journey toward better living.

Step 3 – Provide the small details

Provide details of the campaign like the currency, financial goals, and funding type. Adding a deadline also helps you raise more money faster. With our Keep It All campaign, you can always change your deadline at any time.

Step 4 – Add a payment processor

CoCopay works with Stripe and PayPal to offer secure payment options, making it easy for your loved ones and a wider network of connections to offer financial support. All funds donated to a personal campaign will flow directly to you. 

Step 5 – Review and launch

Review everything and when you’re ready, launch your campaign! 


Cancer Fundraising Ideas To Raise More Money

  • Reach out to your closest circle and beyond

When asking for donations to fund your cancer care, you’ll want to spread a wide net. After all, if your immediate friends and family could cover the costs alone, they likely would. By asking loved ones to share your campaign, you can expand your net and get help from people at the second degree of separation. A friend of a friend might donate on their behalf. A former colleague might help move the needle. Every person who reads your story is one more potential helping hand. 

  • Share you campaign publicly or privately

Depending on your preference, you can share your campaign via social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. CoCoPay makes sharing your story quick and easy for you and your loved ones, with one-click sharing options to send your cancer crowdfunding campaign wide or through direct, private messages like Whatsapp and Messenger.

  • Write frequent updates about your cancer care journey

Publishing updates and milestones in your cancer care journey is one of the best-kept secrets of successful crowdfunding. Your community wants to hear from you to stay in touch. CoCoPay provides amazing functionality for you to publish updates instantly or schedule for another time.

  • Ask us for help

If you are still unsure on how to get started, get in touch with CoCoPay compassionate success team for help! These cancer crowdfunding experts can support you to develop a campaign and share your story. 


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  • Trusted payment processing directly into your accounts

  • Simple and effective payment collection flow

  • Secure personal data and privacy

  • Intuitive, after-contribution prompt for social sharing

Remember, your family and friends care about you. They want to help, but often don’t know how. With CoCoPay you can give them an opportunity to be part of your health journey toward better living.

Still need help or coaching support to set your campaign up?

Our campaign success team will be happy to get your questions answered. Drop us your request here and we will get back to you very shortly.

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