Remove Financial Barriers to Your Product and Care

Add CoCoPay crowdfunding as a payment method and give more patients more options for better care.

For single or multi-location practices or Enterprise Edition for healthcare networks and management service organizations.


CoCoPay costs your practice nothing

Direct Deposit

All funds raised are deposited to your account

Full Approval

You approve all patient campaigns

Getting started is quick and easy

Get your single or multi-location practice up and running with Minimal Effort

Getting CoCoPay set up for your single or multi-location practice takes minimal effort and you can easily do it on your own. We are also there to support you every step of the way. You take care of your patients, we’ll take care of their campaigns.

Key Benefits to your Business

When more than one treatment or appliance is viable for care, you want your patients to get the best outcome, not just an acceptable one because that’s all they could afford. CoCoPay gives patients the option to upgrade from what insurance covers to get the best care you can offer.

An Amplified Referral Engine

You will get dozens of new referral opportunities from every patient that runs a CoCoPay campaign under your brand.

You know that your patients bring the best referrals, but if a patient of yours uses a public platform for crowdfunding (as tens of thousands do), your practice is left out of the story. With CoCoPay, your patients can raise the funds they need under your brand and with your story incorporated into their campaign.

Instead of being left out of the story, every person who receives a crowdfunding request from your patient is getting an endorsement of your practice – essentially saying to everyone they know: “I trust this healthcare provider with my care.” It’s the best kind of referral – amplified!

Financing and Payment Plans Aren’t Always Enough

Some patients won’t qualify for financing, or they won’t get financed for enough. CoCoPay can replace, or supplement financing.

Payment plans may be an option for patients unable to secure financing, but that can cost you as much as 15% if you outsource. If you do it in house, there is always the cost and risk of follow up collections. Patients that crowdfund will be able to pay sooner and at our much lower cost to you than patients who pay with a payment plan.

Adding CoCoPay to your mix of payment options gives your patients more possibilities thereby reducing barriers to care while lowering your total cost of collecting payments.

Increased community good will

CoCoPay gives you the opportunity to join with your patients’ most powerful ally – their community, to provide them with care. By turning your care into the most meaningful gift that friends and family can give to their loved ones – health, well-being and quality of life – your practice becomes the locus for this outpouring of love and support.


years collecting crowdfunded payments


campaigns run


million dollars processed

CoCoPay Professional -

Enterprise Edition

Perfect for large healthcare networks and management service organizations.

Enterprise Edition gives you a platform to manage crowdfunding for all the healthcare practices you support. You can add and oversee all of your clinics or stores, while giving them fine-tuned and secure permissions to control campaigns, and patient engagement.

You can choose to have contributed funds flow from all of the clinics or stores running under your Enterprise Edition to your account for centralized financial controls, or have the funds flow to each organization independently.

  • Make your care more inclusive

  • Improve patient satisfaction

  • Increase revenue

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