Pricing for CoCoPay Professional

0% Platform Fee

CoCoPay Professional and Enterprise Edition are

free to use with no subscription fees. 

Our innovative pricing is designed to accomplish four things:


Give providers a mechanism whereby patients can afford the best care.

Make it simple and more cost effective than financing or payment plans.

Respect the relationship between providers and patients.

Offer tax deductible donations where eligible.*
So that our team can support our families, we will ask your patient’s supporters to help keep our service free by leaving us a tip.

Additional payment models


Platform fee of 5%. Additionally, Stripe/PayPal charge their fees. We don’t ask your supporters for anything. Funds flow directly to your bank account.

5% platform fee + Payment Processing

Net cost to provider 8-10%

Fee Recovery

We ask supporters to cover the 5% platform fee and the Stripe/PayPal fees on the providers behalf. Funds flow directly to your bank account.

5% platform fee + Payment Processing with optional fee recovery

Net cost to provider 2-6% depending on fee recovery participation

CoCoPay Giving Fund

Qualified healthcare providers in the United States* may apply for this plan. Funds are donated to the CoCoPay Giving Fund and are paid to providers after campaigns close. Supporters receive a charitable donation tax receipt. CoCoPay asks supporters for a tip.

5% CoCoPay Giving Fund Service Fee

Which one should I choose?

I want to get my fees as low as possible

You should consider the Fee Recovery model. With this plan we ask your patient’s supporters to cover our fee and the Stripe/PayPal fees. More often than not they do, which means that your costs will end up being less than the credit card fees in our 0% Platform Fee model.

Why would I choose the CoCoPay Giving Fund?

If eligible*, this model adds an incentive to your patient’s supporters to donate by providing them with a tax deduction receipt. This incentive helps campaigns fund more quickly and easily, and could get you paid faster. It may cost slightly more than Fee Recovery and 0% Platform Fee, but it provides a better experience for supporters.

I don’t want my patient’s supporters to be asked for anything extra.

The Standard model is for you. We won’t ask your patient’s supporters for any additional funds to cover costs. This is still a cost effective model when compared to financing and payment plans.

Which do you recommend most and why?

The Fee Recovery model is always less expensive, this is the one we recommend. If you are eligible for the CoCoPay Giving Fund, this is both cost effective and provides an incentive to giving.

* To qualify you must be a USA based licensed practitioner, or have a licensed medical director. All conventional, holistic, therapeutic, and alternative/natural practitioners are welcome to apply. Products must be FDA approved. Non FDA approved mobility or assistive devices may also qualify. Learn More.


Providers are welcome to use our easy setup and free support to implement the solution for free. If you prefer to have us do it for you, we have reasonably priced implementation packages available. 

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Enterprise Edition Pricing

All of our pricing models apply to Enterprise Edition as well. We strongly recommend that Enterprise Edition clients avail themselves of our implementation support to ensure adoption, success, and payment flow optimization. 

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