About CoCoPay

Experts and innovators in collaborative funding and crowdfunding since 2009


million dollars raised




core values

The guiding principles of our operations and culture:


We are committed to serving our community with a high degree of technology and business transparency.


High standards of excellence

We take data security, platform stability (uptime >99.9%) and user experience very seriously. We continuously invest in the enhancement of our core technology to maintain the best standards across all our platforms.



We believe that together with our community we can make the world a better place by powering generosity not only in funding but in knowledge and innovation.


Accessibility to high-quality technology

To grow a positive impact on the community, we strive to provide access to our platforms to as many organizations and communities for free or as close to it as possible.


CoCoPay is part of the award-winning ConnectionPoint brand family. ConnectionPoint is dedicated to providing the best-in-class collaborative funding technology to power our digital fundraising platforms and make a positive social impact.

for social impact

for healthcare

for creators

We are team of innovators

Behind our technology, we are a group of social impact creators that understand the difficulties of raising money online. We are passionate about constantly evolving ourselves to create the best digital fundraising platforms for all walks of life. We strive to help people, build meaningful relationships, and have fun along the way.