A better way to pay for healthcare

Use secure crowdfunding as a fast and alternative way to fund the cost of healthcare services or assistive devices.

CoCoPay Professional

for healthcare providers

CoCoPay Personal

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CoCoPay is Healthcare Financing Reimagined

The healthcare journey shouldn’t be walked alone!

Join the effort to cover the cost of healthcare with the most powerful and caring allies – friends and family.

Fast, secure and no holding of funds

All funds are deposited into your account and are never touched by CoCoPay.

This is a gift of health and well-being

There is no better or more meaningful gift than a gift of health. Healthcare campaigns often have a higher probability of community involvement due to the urgency and importance of the cause.

CoCoPay Personal Featured Campaigns

CoCoPay Professional Featured Campaigns

Discover the benefits of CoCoPay

High standards of platform reliability

99.99% uptime with completely secure payment processing through Stripe and PayPal.

Compassionate and responsive customer support

We care about our customers and know that they need extra attention with their healthcare related needs.

Deep expertise in healthcare crowdfunding

We have powered tens of thousands of successful campaigns. Getting started is quick and easy.

Secure and privacy focused

We are fully compliant with HIPAA and other privacy focused regulations. Not just because we have to, but because it’s important to us.


CoCoPay’s mission is to reimagine healthcare financing and help healthcare providers, patients and their communities collaborate to increase access to quality healthcare. 

Every person’s individual care matters

We understand the importance of healthcare funding and the coordination required for successful outcomes.

for healthcare providers

CoCoPay Professional

for individuals

CoCoPay Personal