Got patients struggling with the cost of your treatment or medical device?

Offer them CoCoPay.

Whether your patient is underinsured, can’t cover their deductibles, or could greatly benefit from a more expensive treatment, paying healthcare bills can be a challenge they weren’t prepared to tackle. Show your patients you care and give them a stress-free option to fund the cost of their treatment via their close network. No interest fees. No hidden costs.

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CoCoPay helps you support your patients in a way that will make them feel loved and appreciated. By you and their circle.

  • Cancer care
  • Orthodontics & Dental
  • Fertility
  • Experimental treatments
  • Medical & Assistive Devices
  • Rehabilitation
  • Cosmetic surgeries

Crowdfunding healthcare in 3 easy steps 


Set up your provider account with CoCoPay

Apply now and we will help you set up your free provider account. You can customize the settings, vet and approve campaigns, invite team members, set up your branded crowdfunding landing page and add payment information.


Offer CoCoPay to your patients

Create a “Crowdfund with CoCoPay” link on your website or individually offer CoCoPay to price-sensitive patients. Based on your preference, we can provide an additional layer of support and gentle coaching for your patients and clients to help them successfully fund their projects.


Collect funds and provide your patients with your care

Funds raised by a patient directly go to your practice or business. CoCoPay doesn’t hold any of your money, rather the funds are sent directly by our trusted payment providers (PayPal, Stripe) to you based on the schedule that you set (daily, weekly, monthly). Our experience and data say that most medical crowdfunding projects get their funding in 24-72 hours after the launch as family and friends of a patient recognize the importance and urgency of the need.

30% of personal crowdfunding in the U.S. is for medical reasons.

Orthodontics & Dental

Everyone loves a great smile, but not everyone can afford to have one. Whether it’s braces, dental implants, bone grafts, porcelain veneers, or gum surgery – not one of them is an expense that people are likely to plan for in advance. In addition to other financing options that you offer, CoCoPay provides an innovative new way for those patients that may struggle with a traditional payment plan to ask their friends and family to give them the gift of a better smile through your care. 

All of the funds that they raise for their care go directly into your account to cover their bill. You’ll have easy reporting and you can reconcile your patient’s crowdfunded payments with any dental practice management software that you use.

And best of all, every time your patient uses CoCoPay, they are telling all of their friends and family in your community that they chose you to be their dental care provider. It’s the best and cheapest referral program out there.


People seeking fertility treatment know that it can be a costly and lengthy process, but what they might not know is how much their loved ones want to help them gain the gift of a precious new life. Regardless of which treatment provides the best chance of success, whether it’s oral or injected medications, In vitro fertilization, egg and sperm donation or preservation, or a surrogate – they all require a financial investment that some might not be prepared to take on themselves, or that they may have to abandon part way through due to lack of funds.

By offering CoCoPay, you can offer prospective parents that may think a baby of their own is out of reach financially, an innovative new way for their friends and family to provide them with the gift of a new life. 

All of the funds that they raise for their treatment go directly into your clinic’s account to cover their bill. You’ll have easy reporting and you can reconcile your patient’s crowdfunded payments with your practice management system.

Medical and Assistive Devices – Including Vision and Hearing

How many times have you found that either your patient struggles to pay the copay on an expensive but necessary device, or insurance will only cover the basic device, when you know that your patient needs something better that they can’t afford? Maybe what you offer isn’t covered by insurance at all? What if you could address the affordability problem by finding a new source of funds?

Crowdfunding with CoCoPay gives you a way to fill in the funding gap and get your patients the right device or procedure that will not just address their basic need, but provide for a better quality of life.

Once you add CoCoPay to your payment process, all of the funds that your clients raise for their care go directly into your account to cover their bill. You’ll have easy reporting and you can reconcile your client’s crowdfunded payments with your regular billing system.

As you know, your clients are the best source of referrals. Every time one of your patients uses CoCoPay, they are endorsing your product to their entire community, many of whom may have the same need as them. It’s a great way to find new clients that you can help.

Cancer Treatment

No one should have to worry about paying for their cancer treatment while also trying to fight cancer, but unfortunately insurance doesn’t cover everything and cancer is expensive to beat. Some may struggle with their insurance deductibles while others may benefit from experimental treatments that aren’t yet covered. Whatever the scenario, you want to make sure that your patients can get the care and support that they need. To help them get that support, offer them CoCoPay.

Crowdfunding with CoCoPay provides your patients a way to rally their community behind their fight with cancer. It not only raises funds, but it gives them a secure online environment to share their health journey and interact with their community to get the emotional support that they’ll need over the span of their care with you. The encouragement that they get from their community through their CoCoPay campaign under your branding is another meaningful way that you can care for your patients. 

All of the funds that your patients raise through their campaigns are deposited directly into your clinic’s account to cover their bill. You’ll have easy reporting and you can reconcile your patient’s crowdfunded payments with your practice management or revenue cycle management system.

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