Free cancer crowdfunding platform to help cover the cost of care

Raise funds for any extra costs or out-of-pocket expenses for your cancer care treatment.

Cancer crowdfunding journey shouldn’t be walked alone.

Your friends, family and wider community want to help you. Let them do that by sharing in your financial burden. After all, there is no better and more meaningful gift than a gift of health and well-being.

Who can create a cancer crowdfunding campaign?

  • Patient

  • Caregiver

  • Family or friend

CoCoPay makes crowdfunding for your cancer care easy, fast and free. It takes less than an hour to start and launch your fundraiser. Here are 4 simple steps:


Create your campaign and tell your story on why you need the funds (takes 10-30 mins)

Connect your campaign to your PayPal or Stripe account

Launch your campaign and reach out to your community of friends and family – see how

Collect much needed funds right away

What kind of cancer care expenses can you cover?

First and foremost, crowdfunding can help cover the out-of-pocket costs of treatments, hospital stays, medications and other expenses that you would expect as part of cancer care.

Oftentimes, the cancer treatment itself is not the only financial burden that the patient needs to carry. Even if a patient is covered by insurance, there are still many additional costs. Crowdfunding is a great option to relieve the financial burden and cover these additional out-of-pocket expenses.

Travel and accommodation

Patients may need to travel for specialized care and treatment. While some hospitals or clinics may cover transportation and lodging, many don’t. This unanticipated expense can easily add up even if it’s just a brief stay.

Unexpected costs

Tests, scans, counseling, symptom management, and other unforeseen costs can come up as part of the patient’s personal cancer treatment journey. As crucial parts of effective oncology, these costs can add an additional burden.

Loss of income

Cancer treatment is time-consuming and physically taxing, during which a lot of patients may have to quit their job. Families that relied on two incomes must now rely on one, or none at all if the patient is the primary provider.


Additional daily costs of living for a cancer patient includes at-home care, childcare, housekeeping, and more. These out-of-pocket expenses all play an important role in maintaining the quality of life for the patient.

Benefits of cancer crowdfunding with CoCoPay

  • 0% platform fee

  • Easy and fast to get started

  • Secure and privacy-focused platform

  • No holding of funds – you can access funds right away

  • No loans or pay backs

  • Alleviates the individual financial burden

  • Best gift a patient can receive from their community

Raise funds for any types of cancer

From major cancers to rare cancers, crowdfunding on CoCoPay helps you raise funds worry-free.

Feeling shy about asking for money?

Our proactive and compassionate customer support team would be happy to get any of your questions answered.


You’re never alone.

Your family and friends care about you and want to help, but they may not know how. Crowdfunding your cancer care with CoCoPay gives them a meaningful opportunity to be part of your journey.

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