Your advocacy group’s path to increasing the chances of a positive outcomes for cancer patients

Leal Health and CoCoPay have teamed up to empower your cancer patients to find innovative options to treat their disease and to secure no-cost funding by activating community support.

Cancer patients claim they need support in two areas:

treatment and finances

The primary sources of stress for cancer patients are:

  • Searching for effective treatment options
  • Figuring out how to pay for treatment costs while sustaining everyday expenses like childcare, food, gas, medication and more…
Consequently, stress is the #1 cause in preventing patient recovery and positive health outcomes.

Let’s break this vicious cycle together

How it is now

How it is with Leal and CoCoPay


of cancer patients are searching for treatment options.


clinical cancer trials are currently available.


of all crowdfunding in the US is for healthcare purposes.

With Leal Health and CoCoPay, you can enable your patient community to access the most effective and innovative cancer care solutions to treatment and financing options.

Who is Leal Health?

Leal is the largest and fastest-growing patient-first, AI-powered free decision-making support platform dedicated to expediting access to all available advanced cancer treatments. To date, Leal has made over 3.5 million matches between cancer patients and treatment providers.

Who is CoCoPay?

CoCoPay is a free medical crowdfunding platform that enables cancer patients to cover their uninsured or out-of-pocket treatment expenses like wage loss, food, childcare, medications and more. Patients and caregivers can quickly set up a cancer fundraising page on CoCoPay and reach out to their community for support. We know that well-being is the best gift that friends and family can give. CoCoPay has over 12 years of collecting payments and has raised over $250 million and counting.

How can we help your patient community?

We are here to provide support and resources to your cancer patient community. In addition to offering an additional avenue for funding, we provide:

Free educational content

like articles and webinars you can share to inform your patients about cancer treatment and funding options.

Embed Leal & CoCoPay platforms right into your website

for quicker and more convenient access for your patients. Both the Leal and CoCoPay platforms are patient-friendly and free-to-use.

Specialized access to our advisors

and care teams to maximize positive patient outcomes.

Patient Endorsements

Aretha W.Leal Patient, Breast Cancer, Stage III, Triple Negative

Leal educated me and gave me the tools and confidence I needed to talk to my doctors and explore my treatment options.

Omar KassirCoCoPay fundraiser

Hi, I’ve recently started a campaign and it’s amazing. You can quickly and easily access all the funds you receive. No hustle. Its easy to sign up and start a campaign. Mine just ended and I’ve reached my goal sooner than needed, although time doesn’t matter here. However, the fundraising platform is very good for all causes!

Philip K.Leal Patient, Colon Cancer, Stage IIA

As a patient, I could tell that Leal put me first in every consideration and conversation.

Michelle MorandCo-Founder of CTOAM, Precision Cancer Care Advocacy Specialist

Our precision oncology treatment is so advanced that insurance still won’t cover it. But we get results. It pains us when we come across a patient we know we can help, but who can’t cover the cost of the treatment. We’re in the business of saving lives and CoCoPay has given us a way to save more of them.

Carmela J.Leal Patient, Pancreatic Cancer, Stage III

My Leal Clinical Rep was so patient with me, answered every question, made certain I understood and gave me all the time that I needed.

Janie AhlstromCoCoPay Fundraiser

We have reached our $95K goal!! Never in our wildest dreams did we think could get near this enormous sum of money. The generosity and care coming from everyone has astounded us. We are so grateful and so moved.

Heather F.Leal Patient, Cervical Cancer, Stage IIB

I had access to all of my advanced cancer treatment options in minutes and in the palm of my hand. It was that simple.

Tarryn RudolphCoCoPay Fundraiser

The platform has helped me raise thousands for my friend and her family. Without the use of this site, I would not have been able to do this. The site is easy to use and the support team had been very helpful and supportive. I researched several different online campaign companies and I so happy I chose it. I recommend them to everyone and would use them again!

Cancer advocacy groups we work with

What is our mission?

Here at Leal and CoCoPay, we believe that every person deserves to have accessible, quality healthcare. We are on a mission to increase access to advanced cancer care treatment by providing alternative funding options to reduce patient stress, leading to more effective recovery.
We realize that hefty goals require dedicated partners and like-minded industry thought-leaders. Therefore, we invite you to join us in making our mission a reality.

Interested to see if it is the right solution for your cancer advocacy group?

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