Innovative crowd-financing

Turn quality care into the most meaningful gift

With crowd-financing, funding a healthcare journey becomes a shared experience.

Share your healthcare cost with your support network
Afford medical
care & devices
Team up with your
healthcare provider
Funding a healthcare journey has always been an individual responsibility and oftentimes, even a stressful and lonely experience.

It excluded people who are truly there to help us in any way they can - our friends and family. And we asked - what can we do to change it?


CoCoPay partners with healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers so they can increase access to their care or products by offering you community-powered crowd-financing.

What is crowd-financing
and how is it different from crowdfunding?

medical crowdfunding pros and cons healthcare

    Crowd-financing supports
    100+ types of healthcare services

    Hospital bills
    Experimental treatments
    Medical devices
    Dental treatment
    Cosmetics surgery
    Fertility treatment
    Rehab centers
    Hospice care

    Want to use crowd-financing for your healthcare funding?
    Ask your provider if they offer CoCoPay and send the link to our website!

    We are rapidly expanding! Leave us your email and the name of your healthcare provider and we will notify you when they start offering crowd-financing.

    CoCoPay can also cover a full spectrum
    of healthcare funding needs


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