Innovative crowd payments

Increase healthcare payment yields 

Enable your providers and partners with a powerful community-centric patient payment solution.

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Increase Revenue
Reduce patient pre-bad debt
Reach more patients

Innovative crowd-financing

Increase healthcare payment yields 

Enable your providers and partners with a powerful community-centric patient payment solution.

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Increase Revenue
Reduce patient pre-bad debt
Reach more patients

30% of personal crowdfunding in the US is for medical reasons.

Friends, family and the extended network of patients are financially supporting them as we speak. However, healthcare providers are left out of this equation. Invite your patient's community to become an active participant in their healthcare journey. Join the movement.

CoCoPay empowers healthcare platforms and providers with
the only enterprise grade crowd-financing solution.

  • Raised funds directly flow to the account of a healthcare provider
  • Easy and intuitive implementation and patient registration process

  • Transaction reports and payment attribution for easy accounting
  • Integrations into RCMs, invoicing process and existing technological stack
How CoCoPay works

Robust approach to integrate crowd-financing into your platform

From strategic assessment to implementation and client support, CoCoPay's reliable process helps your organization kickstart crowd-financing and generate the best results.
Step 1
Patient receives an invoice with an option to pay their healthcare bill via crowd-financing or visits a dedicated page on the website.
Step 2

Patient who selected crowd-financing as their payment option creates a sharable page with their personal story and ask.


Step 3

If a provider prefers to vet and approve projects, patient's crowd-financing page is sent for an approval.
Step 4
After the page is approved, patient reaches out to their local network of friends and family for financial support.
Step 5
Healthcare provider receives funds raised by the patient directly to their account.
Step 6
Patient gets a confirmation that the invoice is paid and the patient successfully funded the cost of their care.

Embed crowd-financing into the payment flow

Introduce crowd-financing to patients in any step of the payment process that works best for the healthcare provider. Customize it to create a seamless experience for patients.
  • Easy to embed
  • Optimized patient journey
  • Data collection and integration
medical bill payment alternative financing
healthcare provider platformhealthcare provider platform for revenue cycle management

Introduce crowd-financing under your own or provider's brand

Make branding decisions based on your business goals and strategy. You can white label crowd-financing as an integrated platform solution, add healthcare provider's brand or just keep as CoCoPay.
  • Customize "Look and feel" of the brand
  • Add logos, colour palette and fonts
  • Customized buttons and content
  • Manage branding easily from the admin dashboard

Increase revenue by capturing more payment yield

Extend your platform's alternative payment offering and enable more patients to successfully pay their bills with the help of their community.
  • Decreased patient pre-bad debt
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Make quality care more inclusive
paying healthcare bills

Build stronger, happier relationships between providers and their patients

Enable more people to access the quality care of your clients. With CoCoPay, it only takes minutes for a patient to set up a compelling crowd-financing page. If they have questions along the way, in-app coaching will help them succeed.
  • Personalized crowd-financing page created by patients and their community.
  • Social sharing super powers
  • Happier patients, more organic endorsements and word-of-mouth
  • Content curation and vetting process for the team
 Success-driven partnership to generate exceptional results 

Crowd-financing is more than collecting payments. With deep industry expertise, we become the trusted partner and provide you with 360 degree support.


Setting you up for a successful start


Integrating with your existing technology


Ongoing collaboration with your teams


Coaching patients on crowd-financing


Investment into R&D and innovation


Handling technical and support questions

Our team has 10+ years of experience
in crowd payments
projects run
Flexible, scalable pricing

We only earn our commission as the healthcare providers and their patients campaigns succeed. Our intuitive, performance-based pricing is designed to deliver scale and strategic value for your platform.