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Pioneers in crowd payments, we bring innovation and expertise to the healthcare industry.

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  • The most robust crowd payments platform in the industry
  • Designed for the best enterprise and consumer experience

  • Deep expertise and constant innovation in crowd payments
  • High configurability and easy integration into the existing processes

Why CoCoPay
A smooth-sailing patient experience 

Funding health in
3 simple steps

Campaign creation: Patients follow intuitive steps to tell their story, the purpose of the campaign, and the funding goal. The entire process takes less than an hour!
Sharing with their communities:CoCoPay is equipped with the most extensive sharing capabilities that will help the patient reach out to their community faster.

Setting up for success: CoCoPay has a unique coaching system that helps patients successfully fund the cost of their treatment. Our coaching tips, helps overcome roadblocks, and supports patients for the entire journey.

patient coaching for healthcare financing

Personalized Story 


Video and photo gallery




Progress Meter


Creative layouts




Automatic coaching tips


Social Sharing

Patient-oriented key features

  • Sharable beneficiary-centric page equipped with payment processing functionality
  • Automatic milestones and progress meter to celebrate the wins and encourage contributors
  • Media gallery to engage the community
  • Smart updating to send the news and progress to the emails of the contributors

  • Live news feed with the latest contributions and highlights
  • Modern payment collection options such as Google wallet, Apple Pay and others

Powerful admin functionality for providers and partners

Crowd-financing management made easy

Introducing crowd-payments to your patients: Offer crowd-financing in a 3-step process:

  • Set up an account with us
  • Create a crowd-financing hub for patients to start their funding projects OR Integrate into your payment flow
  • Announce it to your patients!

Got questions? Our success team will guide you through the entire journey.

Managing campaigns: Invite an unlimited number of team members to manage the projects. The intuitive platform design helps your team navigate easily, vet projects, track analytics and make changes in the system.

Measuring impact and growing results: Access an organizational dashboard with performance analysis to measure results and track progress.

Admin-oriented key features
  • A wide selection of patient page templates with provider's branding and information, no coding required
  • Easy vetting and approval process of projects

  • Assigning team roles and permissions for effortless management

  • Convenient internal communication system to exchange messages with team members and patients

  • Integration with existing database and patient tracking system

  • Easy-to-use visual content editor tool (blog style) to control content 

We invest in your success

We know you're busy. Our highly experienced and crowd payments experts will help set up your crowd-financing option smoothly and efficiently. Your dedicated strategist will also work with you to provide the best crowd-financing experience for your patients and clients.
cocopay training for success

Why crowd-financing?

Traditional financing and interest payment plans
don't solve the core payment problem of quality care affordability...

It is still an individual financial burden
The cost of care or product is not affordable
Interest rates make it even more expensive
alternative financing table for healthcare and medical
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